Other areas of expertise

Autres domaines de compétences

As consulting engineers, we offer you other customised services related to our areas of expertise:

Our employees have the necessary skills to study all aspects related to the environmental and land use sectors. We therefore cover the whole field of environmental studies: water, soil, fauna, flora, forest, energy, waste, safety, etc.

Our services in the field of urban and regional planning include both regional planning and detailed design. Our team can solve the most complex planning problems by providing innovative and future-focussed solutions. We also give great importance to exchange and dialogue with the parties concerned.

At the request of funding bodies, we carry out technical audits on completed projects that have not achieved the required performance. Our teams travel throughout the sub-region of Africa to provide expertise to project funders.

Our services

  • Environmental studies:
    • initial environmental analyses
    • environmental impact studies
    • development of environmental and social management plans (ESMPs), management and monitoring of ESMPs, and health and safety coordination
    • cartography, production of maps and plans
    • waste management projects
    • landfill site studies
    • fauna and flora inventories
  • Urban planning and land management:
    • general development plan
    • rural development plans
    • comprehensive development zones (ZACs)
    • development of urban, industrial, commercial and housing estates
    • projects and scientific monitoring of compensatory measures
    • technical surveys and audits
  • village hydraulics
  • design and development of GIS (Geographic Information System)